1. General Provisions

The Government of Curacao has granted gambling licence No. 1668/JAZ to Globonet B.V., registered at the Kaya Richard J. Beaujon Z/N, Curacao.

Registration at www.playfortuna.com or any of the website mirrors constitutes acceptance of and willingness to comply with the terms and conditions listed below. This Agreement is done between the Player and Netglobe Services Ltd., the website operator, registered at 79 Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue, Protopapas Building, 2-nd floor, office 201, 3076 Limassol, Cyprus (known as “Play Fortuna” thereon)

2. Account management

2.1. Registration

You need to complete a registration process on the Play Fortuna website to gamble using money. At the initial stage, you need to come up with a username and password, specify your personal email address and the gambling account currency. At the second stage and before the first payment, the player must specify their first name, surname, date of birth, city and country of residence as well as their telephone number.

While going through the registration process, the player must provide accurate and correct personal information. Only one account is allowed per single player; no new accounts must be registered, should the player have gone through the registration process before. Usage of another player’s account is prohibited. Should the player be found in breach of these terms and conditions, Play Fortuna reserves the right to close (nullify) the account(-s) of the player and/or withdraw all funds from these accounts as well as refuse further services.

2.2. Player requirements

Player MUST NOT:

  • Be a US, Cyprus, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Australia or Israel citizen or one of the particular countries where gambling licensing conditions forbid gambling as such or while using certain providers;
  • An underage person as specified by laws of the country of residence or below the age of 18;
  • Have a diminished responsibility;
  • Act on behalf of third parties;
  • Use unlawfully obtained moneys for gambling purposes;
  • Use credit or debit cards, or other payment methods withouth owner’s consent.

2.3. The rights of Play Fortuna in relation to player accounts

Play Fortuna reserves the right to:

  • refuse opening an account and/or close an existing account without provision of any explanation;
  • request documents to identify the player, their permission to use the payment card in question or any other payment method as well as any documents and statements supporting ownership of a particular payment card or account. Should the player fail to provide any of the mentioned documents if full, Play Fortuna may close the player account and/or nullify winnings and/or nullify funds in the account;
  • own and manage funds the account owner according to the common principles and practices;
  • confiscate funds in the player account wholly or partially if the player violates these Terms and Conditions directly or indirectly;
  • own the funds or winnings that have been mistakenly added to the player account by virtue of a technical mistake or human factor. In case the player account balance has insufficient funds for the required amount to be deducted, the outstanding amount would be deemed as a debt.

2.4. Play Fortuna guarantees for the player accounts

Play Fortuna guarantees that:

  • Player fund management will be performed in the most secure way;
  • Processing of the account holder’s personal data is done in strict accordance with legal requirements;
  • No personal data of the account holder, including any information about their winnings, will be passed to third parties. An exception may apply in a situation when the account holder granted their personal permission to release any of the particular details, for example, for marketing purposes;
  • Any requests coming from the account holder to limit their access to gambling games, either for a particular period of time or perpetually, will be complied with Any disputes arising from the player account or activity on Play Fortuna that may not be permitted under these Terms and Conditions may be resolved by the laws of the Republic of Cyprus.

2.5. Player account currency and currency change

2.5.1. The player selects the currency for their principal playing balance in the process of registration. At the moment Play Fortuna allows opening accounts in one of the following currencies EUR, USD, PLN, RUB, UAH, SEK.

2.5.2. Should the player for some reason decide to change the account currency, they must follow the guidance below:

  • Clear the current account balance (real funds) by withdrawing all funds from the account;
  • Contact the support team and submit an application for the player account currency change;
  • Once the support team confirms closure of the current account, you will need to register for an account again and select the desired currency in the process;
  • Notify the support team of opeining a new account and specify the old and new username details. The support team will transfer and save the player status based on the previous account details. However, bonuses, points, tournament rankings or any other marketing advantages related to the old account WILL NOT be transferred to the new account and will be reset.

The specified actions have limits:

  • The account currency may be changed only once;
  • The new account will not benefit from the initial deposit bonus. Should it be applied to the account by a mistake, it will be nullified.

Non-compliance with the procedures set up for the account currency change on the player side as specified by rules in s.2.5.2, may be interpreted as a violation of the Terms and Conditions, which may lead to the player account closure and/or nullification of the winning and/or nullification of the funds in the player account. Should the player be found in breach of these circumstances, Play Fortuna reserves the right to close (nullify) an account(-s) of the player and/or withdraw all funds from these accounts as well as refuse further services.

2.6. Online gambling limitation in selected jurisdictions.

2.6.1. Online gambling may be illegal in some jurisdictions. The knowledge of the laws and limitations of jurisdictions is the player's responsibility. If online gambling is prohibited by the jurisdiction for which the player is exposed, the player is prohibited to make deposits on Play Fortuna..

3. Payments

3.1. Counterparties to financial transactions

All player deposits are made to license-holding company BY MEANS OF/OR website operator company Netglobe Services LTD. All winning payments are exclusively made to the player personal accounts via any of the particular payment systems.

3.2. Operational currency rates, currency conversion

Should the payment currency be different from the one in the player account, any fund addition or deduction will be done using Play Fortuna internal operational currency rates. Play Fortuna does not impose any commissions upon currency conversion, and currency rates remain unchanged for both ways of conversion. Actual rates are displayed in Play Fortuna checkout page. Certain payment methods have implied internal conversion of the player funds in a case billed amount currency is different from the payment one. In this case, player fund conversion occurs using the internal currency rate of the particular payment method.

3.3. Payment commissions

Play Fortuna does not impose a commission for player deposits. However, certain payment methods may have implied fees for the sender, regulated by their internal tariffs. Winning payouts are made without charging the player any commission. The player receives the exact amount on their account which they have been requested using the withdrawal form. Play Fortuna pays any commission on behalf of the sender. In a case where the chosen payment method has a sender’s commission for the transaction, this commission is paid by the player.

3.4. Winning payment terms and limits

The withdrawal requests are processed 24/7. The schedule of payments can be changed on public holidays. Application processing normally takes no more than 24 hours since the submission time.

The application processing means the payment to the player or a verification request if there is a necessity in such. Document verification takes no more than 24 hours from the moment the request was sent with the processing time calculated from the time of successful verification completion.

There are limits for the winning payout amount depending on the currency of the player account and status. Please, find more detailed information about the current limits below.

StatusDaily limit USD
StatusDaily limit EUR
StatusDaily limit RUB
StatusDaily limit UAH
StatusDaily limit PLN
StatusDaily limit SEK
StatusDaily limit BRL

3.5. Conditions for winning payout

For the payment to be processed within the Play Fortuna 24-hour policy, there must be:

  • the required payment amount present on the player balance when processed by the Financial Department otherwise the application may be rejected;
  • The player account and/or payment methods must be verified or be in the process where verification is not required. Play Fortuna’s Financial Department has the right to make the final decision;
  • Player’s email address must be verified (you may find verification guidance on the personal account page);
  • An application for withdrawal must be submitted via the same payment system to the same billing account from which the deposit was made. The casino reserves the right not to withdraw the funds to the account from which no deposits were made. The casino reserves the right to withdraw the funds to any payment method, which was used by the account owner, while the Casino is obliged to notify the owner of the gaming account of the change in the payment method. At the same time, the Casino reserves the right to offer the player an alternative way to withdraw the funds in case when all the payment methods for making deposits do not allow any kinds of transactions, because of technical or financial reasons. In case the player refuses to accept the alternate payment method, application processing terms are extended to the moment when the payout can be made, taking into account objective circumstances. Otherwise, the request will be nullified, and the funds will be transferred back to the player account of their choice;
  • The amount of bets for the player must exceed their deposit(-s) at least in three times from the moment of the last payout or zero balance. Should the player refuse to make the required amount of bets, Play Fortuna reserves the right to withhold a 10% commission on the withdrawn amount and to nullify winnings coming from bonuses, free spins or added points;
  • The withdrawal application must not exceed daily withdrawal limits. If the player exceeds those limits, payouts occur within the next days in instalments corresponding to that daily limit;
  • If the player has made deposits using SMS, application processing occurs by special rules outlined in s.3.6.

3.6. Winning withdrawal with an SMS-made deposit

If the player topped up their account via an SMS payment, withdrawal application processing would occur within 24 hours after successful verification of the payment details. SMS-payment verification may be done after two days since the last SMS payment has been made.

If the player made deposits using more than 25 SMS payments, Play Fortuna has the right to request a mobile operator statement of expenses corresponding to the used mobile phone number.

Should the player payments become a subject of a complaint (presence of hold or fraud payments), the Player agrees to present mobile user information (user details). User details must be submitted by the Player using unedited format files (.jpg, .pdf, etc.)

3.7. Funds movement while making a withdrawal application, application statuses

While submitting an application for fund withdrawal by the Player, it acquires the “Pending” status. At this moment, no funds are being reserved on the player account and remain under the player’s control up until the time of the actual payout. The real fund withdrawal occurs when they are paid out by the financial department, which also the time when application gains the “Successful” status. If the withdrawal request has been cancelled for some reason, it will not affect the player balance.

4. Bonus policy

4.1. General terms

For the player incentives, Play Fortuna uses:

  • Bonuses (depository and non-depository);
  • Free spins;
  • Points;
  • Tournaments;
  • Other types of encouragement, such as lotteries.

Additions, wagering and usage of bonuses or other types of encouragement are described below. Individual types of irregular encouragements may be subject to their particular terms of participation and use. Also, terms of use for special marketing incentives may supersede general terms of use outlined below.

4.2. Bonus policy participation limits

A single player may participate in Play Fortuna bonus incentives while using only one playing account. Should the Player be known for opening several accounts, which allow them to obtain special extra bonuses, all their winnings received through the other accounts will be nullified, and new accounts closed.

4.3. Player statuses

Player statuses allow for extra incentives to be offered to active players. Upon completion of the registration process, all Players receive the New status. The status changes when a player makes deposits. It also grows with new deposits being made within the past 30 days. The table below illustrates changes in the player status depending on the deposit amounts.

Status Amount of deposits for the month
Silver 250 USD or equivalent
Gold 1 000 USD or equivalent
VIP 2 500 USD or equivalent
Platinum 5 000 USD or equivalent

The player status is updated every time a deposit is made. If the Player had made deposits not exceeding the required for the current status amount for the last 30 days since the status has been updated, their status would be downgraded.

Play Fortuna reserves the right to lower the player’s status (with the reduction of status privileges accordingly) if it is deemed that the player activity upon their status upgrade is of an artificial nature. For example, multiple fund withdrawals with the intention to make similar deposits in the future, little gambling activity after a deposit has been made, etc. As soon as such status lowering occurs, the player has the right to gain a higher status by showing appropriate activity on one of the projects.

4.4. Player status privileges

Player status affects the whole range of parameters of the bonus policy. The details are listed below:

Status New Silver Gold VIP Platinum
Weekly return Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Coefficient of point calculation 1 1 1.05 1.05 1.10
Wagers of bonuses x45 x40 x35 x35 x30
Participation in promotions and sweepstakes No No Yes Yes Yes
Free entry to special tournaments No No No Yes Yes
Personal Manager No No No No Yes

4.5. Bonus account, bonus wagering, bonus expiry period

Accumulated bonuses are transferred to the particular bonus account. It is not possible to use bonus funds in the games until they are fully wagered and transferred into the actual player account. To move funds from the bonus account to the real one, a player must complete the required number of bets folded to an amount of the received bonuses. For example, the player received bonuses for 20 USD in total with the promo wagering coefficient equal to x25. Here, to gain the bonus, the Player must place bets for 20x25=500 USD in total. Until the Player has placed bets for this amount, the bonus remains in their account. Only actual account funds may be used to gain the bonus, and no bonus account funds may be used. Bonuses are earned in the same sequence they have been transferred to the bonus account, i.e., the player places bets to gain the first received bonus first, then the second, etc. Every bonus has a lifespan of 30 days since it has been received.

4.6. Games with a reduced bonus winning coefficient and point addition

For the following game types, only 5% of the bet amount goes towards the bonus wagering while this will be 20% for points:

  • Roulette;
  • Blackjack;
  • Baccara;
  • Craps;
  • Poker;
  • Videopoker.

1% Bonus wagering:

  • Castle Builder;
  • Forsaken Kingdom;
  • Jekyll and Hyde;
  • Scrooge;
  • Tomb Raider 2;
  • Big Bang™;
  • Blood Suckers™;
  • Robin Hood Shifting Riches;
  • The Wish Master™.

4.7. Bonus expiration and bonus refusal

If the player intends to give a bonus up, they may do so by contacting the support team. The bonus will be deducted from the bonus account upon nullification with the subsequent annulment of the winning on the bonus wagering. The similar situation occurs when the bonus lifespan expires. The bonus is deducted from the bonus account and the wagering vanishes. Annulled bonuses may not be restored.

4.8. Bonus types

Play Fortuna bonuses consist of two categories: depository and non-depository. Depository bonuses are accumulated as a reward for made deposits and will typically depend on the deposit amount. Non-depository ones are accumulated following completion by the player of some tasks required by the promo terms.

4.9. Standard (consistent) depositary bonuses

All new Play Fortuna Players are entitled to the 100% bonus for the initial deposit. The initial deposit bonus covers only the first player deposit and equals to the 100% of the first deposit amount. The maximal initial bonus amount is 500.00 USD or its equivalent. The minimal amount of the deposit enabling the first bonus is 10.00 USD or its equivalent with the wagering coefficient equal to x45. Play Fortuna runs special promo offers on a regular basis with bonus offers for the subsequent deposits, which details are published on the Play Fortuna website, sent out to the players by post and presented via feedback forms in the profile. The wagering coefficient of such bonuses may be between x45 and x30, depending on the Player status. (see s.4.4)

4.10. Free spins and their wagering

Free spins are a particular type of the accumulated bonuses, which provide the Player with an opportunity to make several spins on specific slot machines free of charge, i.e., without using funds in the actual player account. Allocated free spins are characterised using three key parameters: game, which assigned these free spins, the number of complimentary rounds and the amount of the potential bet in each round. If free spins have been allocated in the result of a promo action directly to the deposit and the winnings will be added to the actual account, then the player must place a bet x10 times more than the deposit for which those free spins have been allocated. The entire winning amount may be used to wager the additions. If the free spins are issued as a no deposit bonus or for a deposit, but the winnings are transferred to the bonus account, such winnings are subject to the usual rules described in section 4.5, with the wagering coefficient x20.

4.11. Points, points to real money exchange

Points are essentially a special incentive for the active Play Fortuna players. For every bet placed using real money, the Player gains points calculated per bet with ratio 1.00 USD = 1 point. Rounding a fractional point value upon its addition occurs with the precision of 0.01.

Players with the higher than Silver status gain an extra per cent on point additions as showed in the table:

Status Additional percent points accrual
Gold 5%
VIP 5%
Platinum 10%

Upon accumulation of 1000 points or more, the Player has an opportunity to exchange the points for actual money. In a Player exchanges a part of the points in their account, then the exchange will be done at a rate of 1000 points = 1.00 USD (or another currency equivalent).

When trading in all the points, the coefficient depends on the Player level and the number of accumulated points, the mentioned ratios are presented in the table below:

Points Exchange ratio Level
0 0 Newcomer
1 000 1 000 First-timer
5 000 975* Junior
10 000 950* Amateur
20 000 925* Active player
50 000 900* Eхpert
100 000 800* Professional
200 000 700* Master
500 000 600* Reputable player
1 000 000 500* Sage

In a case when no activity has been shown within the past 365 calendar days (making a deposit, placing a bet), all accumulated and not redeemed points will be automatically nullified.

4.12. Weekly CashBack bonus

CashBack bonus is a partial return of the funds lost by the Player, accumulated on a weekly basis. CashBack bonus is accrued every Friday in a result of the last seven days. The bonus is accrued using points which may be traded in without any reservations at any time.

The number of accumulated points depends exclusively on the loss amount for the last seven days, following the table below:

30.00 USD - 49.99 USD 1,000 points
50.00 USD - 99.99 USD 2,000 points
100.00 USD - 249.99 USD 5,000 points
250.00 USD - 499.99 USD 10,000 points
500.00 USD - 999.99 USD 20,000 points
1,000.00 USD - 2,499.99 USD 50,000 points
2,500.00 USD - 4,999.99 USD 100,000 points
5,000.00 USD - 9,999.99 USD 200,000 points
10,000.00 USD and more 500,000 points

4.13. Tournaments

Tournaments are special competitions which Play Fortuna hosts periodically for the Players. Every tournament has a specific number of prize-winning places. All tournament prizes are paid out in points. To participate the Player must click on the “take part” button in the relevant tournament. Every tournament takes place at a particular time; it includes certain types of games with placed bets contributing to the Player rating. Every Player receives score points while participating in a tournament in the same number they would be added regarding player statuses. Changes in the tournament board can occur with a one-minute delay due to technical issues. Winnings are added up no later than the following to the tournament completion day.

4.14. Bonus codes

Bonus codes are a particular type of bonus additions. Play Fortuna distributes bonus codes individually. They may be represented by points, real funds or free spins. To activate a bonus code, the Player should enter it on the Play Fortuna website in the Promo section.

4.15. Bonuses and winning withdrawal

Non-wagered bonuses do not impose limits upon fund withdrawal from the actual account. However, in this case, all non-wagered bonuses in the bonus account will be nullified.

4.16. Bonus policy limitation of use

Play Fortuna reserves the right to refuse any of the Players in bonus policy use without further explanation. In this scenario, although all allocated bonuses, free spins and points may be nullified as well as winnings on them (including free spins and points), the Player may be able to continue playing using own funds exclusively.

5. Liability Limitation

5.1. Other language versions

Except for the English version, other languages have been introduced for the players’ convenience only. Should there be an ambiguity between the English text of the Terms of Use and its other language counterpart, the English version must be given priority oven any other one.

5.2. Controversial situations

Play Fortuna reserves the right to resolve any arising disputes at its discretion according to the principals of fairness and reasonableness.

5.3. Release of Liability

Play Fortuna shall to be responsible for:

  • any software issues linked to the gambling providers;
  • any issues that either wholly or partially limit the Player’s ability to play;
  • network issues;
  • any damage caused to the players.

5.4. Disclosure of personal data

Play Fortuna will have to release player’s personal data, should there be a decision compelling it to do so, issued in accordance with the legal provisions of the regulating legislation.

6. Privacy Policy and Cookies

6.1. Collected Information

Play Fortuna values Player’s privacy and confidentiality. We only collect information necessary for our operation. A Player will need to supply some information about themself upon the registration. The detailed information about the registration process is provided in s.2.1.

While making payments, the Player will need to provide personal data such as a bank card number and other payment requisites. These data is stored in the PCI-certified environment only.

6.2. Account password

The Player must be sure in the secure and safe storage of their account password. Play Fortuna members of the staff do not have access to the players’ passwords and bear no responsibility for situations when a third party gains access to the Player’s account password.

6.3. Privacy limit

Confidential information may be released to an authorised body in due course of court proceedings or by other legal regulations. However, Play Fortuna will strive to avoid situations where such requests may be made and will make everything possible to supply the minimum of the information required.

6.4. Cookies

Play Fortuna may send temporary cookies to the Player when they visit the Play Fortuna website, which is a line of text information that allows for the Player recognition next time they visit the site. The Player may opt out of the cookies policy. However, this will reduce the gambling service convenience.

6.5. Player’s agreement to the Privacy Policy

Upon opening an account with Play Fortuna, the Player agrees to and accepts the Privacy Policy provisions. Play Fortuna reserves the right to update this Policy periodically.

7. Marketing and Analyst

7.1. To improve the Casino's website, its sections, the content on the pages and Your user experience in games, we use web beacon, pixels, tracking scripts and Cookies files. In doing so, we record Your visit to the Casino's website and activity in the games: when and what pages, Casino sections You visit, when You last visited the Casino site, authorization time on the site; in what games You play, how You interact with advertising materials and marketing offers. Some of the technologies that we use for this tracking are provided to us by third parties, who in turn must follow our Privacy Policy and apply their Privacy Policies.

7.2. To provide you with profitable personalized, promo, advertising materials, sales promotion, news, as well as status notifications of Your gaming account or important events, the Casino can use Your email address and phone number to send notifications via e-mail, SMS or calls, and display advertising banners and announcement on the Casino site or on third-party sites in the advertising network (remarketing).

7.3. We respect your right to a privacy, so we provided a simple opportunity to opt-out from receiving the marketing offers and notifications. To opt-out from receiving or to get easily the details - you can contact our support service at any time: by chat, by mail email, and customize your preferences in your account on the Casino's website and unsubscribe from newsletters in each electronic letter. Please consider, that by full or partial refusal from receiving the marketing offers from us, You will not be able to receive current and useful information.

8. Game Balance Use & Refund Policy

Please, note, that you become our services’ consumer at the start of the gambling process. Refund or cancellation of services may not be done in while the game is in progress. While playing “for money”, You use your gaming account money balance with our project.